Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fun and Fundraising

This blog is to show you my life here on Norfolk Island - my home and my friends. You've seen my family so now see the island and the people.

There are so many activities people do here on a regular basis. Because we are surrounded by water most involve sports such as fishing, diving, snorkeling, swimming. I, of course, do none of these.

My social life revolves around playing bridge, lunches, coffees, dinners and fund raisers which are so frequent here.

We have a nice group of friends here and I will introduce you to them.

First we have Melissa who works for the Government basically doing everything and is President of the Volunteer Rescue Association. She is one of those people who are involved with heaps of activities. She is a descendant of the mutineers - can't remember which ones.

Next is Anna and Vince. Vince is the Sergeant and Officer in Charge here on Norfolk Island and he is Rob's boss. Anna is a great cook and we go to their house for lovely meals and great parties. They have a 3 year old girl called Lizzy. They came to Norfolk one month before us.

Steve and Elizabeth are a couple from Perth who have been here two months. Elizabeth is here as the new Secretary to Government and is extremely busy. Steve is having a rest like me on the Island but is looking at doing something which interests him. In one of his previous lives he was a political reporter in Canberra so currently is writing articles for our local paper about the VRA and the new rescue truck.

There are other people I know, of course, but this is our main group and I will often talk about them and have them in photos.

Here are some photos of me and my friends at various events.

This photo was taken at the International Ladies Day breakfast. We have Rob, Melissa, Anna and Vince. We had to be at the restaurant at 7.00 which nearly killed me as I sleep more hours here. There were muffins of all sorts to eat as well as banana bread and the usual tea and coffee and juice.

Behind the police station is a new BBQ area. Here is the first gathering. Andrew is in the green tshirt with the ball and Tom is in front of him with the sunnies on. Anna is there with Lizzy and Melissa is there in the black top, the boys are cooking the BBQ out of the picture.

The Norfolk Island Police held a charity golf day in February. We raised over $6,000 for the VRA to buy their new rescue truck. You can see Rob holding up a cricket bat signed by some famous cricketer and a framed certificate of authenticity I think. Vince was the MC and Cheryl (who is one of 3 NI special constables) was the auctioneer.

Tom is in the white tshirt with black pattern on the right hand side of the photo. Rob had to work the whole day alone but came to the golf club to join in the auction. I bidded for and won a lovely framed photo of Emily Bay for $150.00 but the momentum got to me as you can buy the same print in one of the local shops for half that - much to Rob's annoyance. I told him that is was all for a good cause!

Every month the Government House has an Open Day which gives the funds to a particular organisation on the island. The VRA had their open day in March and Melissa asked Anna and myself to help out. The Open Day usually has 8 regular people who know all about the antiques and such who each sit in a room and basically supervises the visitors as they walk around and then there are the ring ins like us who know nothing about the house so basically are there serve afternoon to all the sitters whilst avoiding tourist eyes and questions!

We had such a great day. The house is one of those Georgian homes in Kingston but this one is huge and has beautiful gardens. This is the home of the Administrator and his wife. It costs $10 to get in and all the formal rooms are open to visitors.

I am organising my own Open Day for the Youth Centre in two weeks. Thankfully I know what they all do and I have scrounged Anna and Steve to help me and got 3 parent helpers from the Youth Centre as well. I will let you know how it all worked out.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Penelope's First Blog

Hello to all my Norfolk Newletter recipients

Here is the first posting of my new blog Penelope on Norfolk. This blog will be taking the place of my Norfolk Newsletter which I used to email to you all. I intend to update this blog on a semi regular basis so you can keep track of what I am up to on this most beautiful island and you can look at my blog any time you wish.

With blogging I am able to load lots of photos which my email could not let me do so my posts will be more interesting than my emails and you are able to leave comments (only positive ones of course!) but if you prefer to contact me by email - go right ahead.

I would still love you to email me with your news too as none of you have a blog that I know of!!

Here is Rob - the whole reason we are over here - in his formal uniform outside our house.

Here are some photos of the island that may be interesting to you:

This is Tom at the Mount Pitt lookout - behind him is Cascade Bay which is where the first cruise ship passengers were disembarked. The next cruise had to disembark at Kingston Pier because the sea was turbulent at Cascade.

You can see here how the drought of the summer has affected the grass.  The island is usually lush and green.  This is the longest drought in the island's history.  It is only months long but when the island runs off rain water only it is a real concern.

This is Andrew looking relaxed - the house on the right is the golf club and the house in the distance is offices of some kind. These buildings are in Kingston which is the Government area of Norfolk Island which used to be the penal colony area. All the Georgian buildings which were convict built for the Commandants and their officers are either lived in or used for offices which is really lovely to see.


This is me at Puppies Point on Christmas Day 2009. Tom and I wanted to see the sunset over the ocean. We took the puppies with us and you can see them here - sort of.  Norfolk Island is one of a small number of places where you can see a sunrise and a sunset over an ocean. Nice photo of me right?