Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun on Norfolk

At the beginning of May the island saw the influx of over 70 Red Hatters coming here from all over Australia. We had a welcome dinner at the Governor's Lodge and had the best night of dinner, skits, and lots of dancing - my poor back!! Here is a photo of our Bounty Babes local chapter of the Red Hatters.

There was a street parade on Mother's Day in the morning which took place in the main street. They had a police escort - Rob - and they walked from our street right up to the markets at the other end to spend up big.

We had the best night with Trent the DJ who is a local celeb. Trent is a lot of fun and joins in the fun. There were many activities for the ladies throughout the week and we had our final dinner on the last Saturday at Mariah's Restaurant and, again, we had a blast.

Mariah's Restaurant has many themed nights throughout the year and this photo was taken when they had their Mexican buffet night. You can obviously see me and Rob but there is also Lee the Westpac Manager, Melissa, Elizabeth and Steve, Vince and the lovely Anna and their Lizzy and Lauren who is here on holiday from Sydney. Her father, Bruce, works for the Administrator.

We have such a great night all together as it is not very often that both Rob and Vince have a weekend night off together.

Awful photo of the lot of us but this is the girls at our Club L - we should have taken this photo at the beginning of the night rather than the end when we were all liquored up. Club L is a ladies dinner which is held once a month at a different restaurant each time - this one was at Barney Duffy's where they serve the most delicious ribs. We usually go in a pack of 4, me, Mel, Anna and Elizabeth.

The Norfolk Island Hospital was built in 1962 and it is well overdue for a new hospital. I actually love the little hospital because coming from Canberra where everything is sparkling new and lovely it is nice to see old wooden buildings with character. Of course I don't work in this antiquated building but I certainly appreciate its charm. Anyway, last night was the first fundraiser to raise $20 million for the new hospital.

Here I am with some of my bridge buddies at the beginning of the night. The first item was a beaded necklace made by one of the nurses and it sold for over $500 which made my budget of $100 completely nul and void for the whole night. My friend bought a Norfolk Pine bench for $2000 and even lemon and passionfruit pies went for over $250.

This photo shows us all to be very genteel doesn't it. On my right is Barbara, on my left is Agnes and next to her is Annie. The room was eventually extremely packed and our table ended up being the Head Table as the Administrator and his wife joined us. The finger food was delicious and so abundant. All drinks were $3 so my friends and I took advantage of cranberry juice and sparkly - yum.

The final amount raised on the night was $23000 which is a fantastic effort.