Monday, August 30, 2010

The End of Winter - Red Hatter Special

The last weekend of the winter on Norfolk was very busy with the Red Hatters.  On Saturday night, we had a table of 12 for the Quiz Night.  This event is held at the Parish Centre next to St Barnabas Chapel every year.  It is a fundraiser for the Community Arts.

Here are the clever Red Hatters at our table

There were 8 tables for the Quiz and everyone bought lots of food for their tables as the centre had lots of alcohol for sale at very reasonable prices!!!

Here is the gorgeous Elizabeth who was my frenemy on the night.  She and I swapped food with each other from our tables!

At our table we had 12 people.  Most were Red Hatters and some were husbands and friends.  We came 4th overall in the end.  Not a bad placing really considering there were 2 tables with teachers on both!

Here we are having drinks at the bar

The next night the lovely Red Hatters had their Christmas in Spring - we were too late for Christmas in July.  It was held at Bailey's Restaurant at the Governor's Lodge.  We all met at the bar at 7.00 where we all had drinks then around 7.30 we were escorted to our table.

Our beautiful decorated Christmas table
 The staff had done such a wonderful job decorating the table for us and, of course, our Queen, Shirl the Pearl had alot of input as well.  We had bottles of wine at the table waiting for us and we had garlic bread for starters.  Then out came the mains, which was either chicken or lamb with potato bake and steamed vegies - sooo nice.

Our Bounty Babes - Mad Red Hatters!!
 Then we had a pudding which had dates in it I think with caramel sauce, brandy custard and icecream.  Yum.

We were then given our Christmas Pressie - what a hoot.  We all had glow sticks, some had pens or other novelties and some noisy windy things too. 

I sat between the lovely Alma and Anne and across from Gaye and Rosalie.  Great company, great food, great night.

Thanks girls.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Inaugural Emergency Services Ball / Bash

Elizabeth, Steve and myself were the first arrivals at the Pannells.  Steve was particularly dashing in his suit and burnt orange tie

On Saturday, 14 August, a ballroom was created at Bailey's Restaurant at the Governor's Lodge.  Thanks to Melissa Graham, on behalf of the Volunteer Rescue Association and Kiri Blanch, on behalf of the Norfolk Island Police Service, a night of nights was the masterpiece after months of organisation and, no doubt, headaches for these two lovely ladies.  This inaugural ball was to raise, not only money, but awareness of how the emergency services on the island are so important to the residents.

A group of us first met up at the Pannell's house for canapes and drinks.  We took this opportunity to have many photographs taken.

Bruce wore a bow tie and Vince gave Adam a tie to wear for the evening!

Five gorgeous gals in all our finery

Upon arrival at Bailey's Restaurant at 6.00pm, we were all given a refreshing champagne cocktail and everyone chatted and laughed and then we were seated.  I sat next to Alison and her Adam and across from us was Lee and her friend Chris who was a visitor to the island.  Next to Lee sat Eve and across from her was Doug.  There were 16 to a table so we pretty much took up half the table.  There were bottles of both red and white wine at the table.  Poor Adam and I had to share a whole bottle between us!

The restaurant was transformed into a Ballroom - fantastic.  The red pashmina over the chair is where I sat

We had our first course about an hour after arrival then there were some official speeches.  Alison and I shared our entrees, she had lamb parcels and I had the kingfisher tart - both delicious.  The main course that I had was the lamb with sweet potato and beans - so tasty, then more speeches and the lucky door prize.

There were many awards handed out on the night to outstanding members of the Emergency Services which, apart from Police and Fire Rescue are all volunteers.  There is an extremely high percentage of volunteers on this island which we all are very proud.

Tim Sheridan and Vince cutting the Emergency Services Cake.  Vince is wearing the formal "whites" of the Australian Federal Police. 
After the awards were given out there was the official cutting of the cake by Tim Sheridan who is the Minister for Emergency Services and Vince who we all know is the Officer in Charge of the Norfolk Island Police Service.  We were all given a piece of this cake and we were offered tea and coffee.

We had the best band on the island.  There were seven members of this band.  I only knew two members, the first being George who played the organ - didn't know he knew how! and then Trent the singer - perfect pitch as usual.  This band played all the golden oldies as well as the new stuff.  Most people had a dance.  I waltzed with Alma - that was a laugh.

Mel and Anna
Anna and Elizabeth
Alma and Coral

Rob was working that night but he and Cheryl came to see us about 9.30 - it was great to see him.

Rob and the two gorgeous organisers, Kiri and Mel - very colour co-ordinated indeed!

Anna and Vince

Me and my man

I left about 10.30 after having the best night with my friends. Although the party apparently continued into the wee hours at the Pannell's house, I was asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow.

Doug, Mel, Rob, Vince, Cheryl, Kiri, Anna.

I am sure that everyone had the best night - thanks Mel and Kiri - see you again next year!

Monday, August 9, 2010

People I See Everyday

The place I visit most would be the mall.  This mall is hexangle in shape and has quite a few shops which includes the large supermarket locals call Foodies.  I go nearly every day and here are some of the people I see the most here on Norfolk Island.

The first shop on the left when you enter is the pharmacy which is owned and run by Gerry.  I go to her for medicines, chapsticks, skincare and other bits and pieces.  I also bought my slippies here which are slippers filled with lavendar and beans of some sort which I can heat in the microwave and wear on my feet when the nights are chilly but not quite cold enough to put on the heater - best thing I tell you.

Here is Gerry at her counter

The next shop is "2899" which is a photographic studio which is run by Kim.  The photos in the gallery are all about Norfolk Island and how gorgeous the whole place is and certainly worth a look.  I already have a beautiful photo from this place.  A picture of Emily Bay with Lone Pine in the distance. 

Kim is holding the fort at 2899

Next is the bakery - yummy - I buy all my loaves here but I also purchase their delicious foccacias which, when heated in the oven, can almost be called pizzas!  And after 3.00pm their pies and sausage rolls are half price so sometimes after school Andrew goes and gets himself a cheapy pie.  Here we have Trudy and Angela.  Both are relatively new to the island.  Trudy and her husband play golf and they know one of our golfing friends in Hobart!!  Small world eh.

The lovely ladies of the bakery

My next venture is to the supermarket.  This place has a strong New Zealand content which I am still getting used to, for example:  love their potato bake in a can, hate their chippies, love their icecream, hate their milk (which we have no choice in drinking), love their chicken, hate their .... can't remember.  But, Foodies does still sell some good old Aussie stuff which is a life saver.  Here is my favourite checkout chick Joy who also works at the RSL bistro and is a member of the VRA.

Here is my lovely Joy

...and last but not least I go the the next shop and there is the butcher.  You can't buy meat at Foodies so the butcher has all the meat business.   The butcher I see most is Glenn and he is very nice and helpful and always eager to please and, bless him, he remembers my name everytime.  He also volunteers for the VRA.

Glenn the Butcher

In the middle of the hexangle is the cafe called Latitude 29 which is owned and operated by the lovely Sarah Maxwell.  Here you can buy all sorts of beveridges, hot foods right down to sandwiches.  They make the best milkshakes and homemade icecreams.

The next shop after the butchers is the Health Shop - been in twice - ha! and the last shop is the newsagent which I go to for school supplies and then you are back at the entrance to the mall.

Then onto the car park, get in my car and drive the 400 metres back to my house!!!  What an adventure - need my nanna nap now!!!