Sunday, October 10, 2010

150th Agricultural Show Day

Show Day was fun!  I wasn't too sure if we were actually going to go because the weather wasn't very nice.  Anna was there earlier in the day and rang me to advise me that not much was happening yet and to wait to come down at 12.00 which Andrew and I did.

Alison Christian being battered by water balloons
The show was being held at Rawson Hall and surrounding ovals.  There was so much to see and do and it was great to see so many familiar faces.

Gaye Evans and Marie Reynolds at the drinks tent

In the hall there were all the fruit, vegetable, flower exhibits and there was also the display of the beautiful patchwork quilts. Also in the hall was the health check people and there were computers there for people to answer questions about themselves and they would find out what type of personality they were.  I have a perfect personality by the way!

Andrew with his dad and the VRA truck

Me and Mel

A street scene

There were displays by the VRA of how they rescue people trapped in a car which was impressive.  The island dancers were there showing their Tahitian moves to Norfolk music which is always entertaining and there was a chocolate wheel which had lots of meat, fruit and vegetable prizes.

Dear Elizabeth and Julie doing the show bags

There was horse riding shows and a dog agility show and there were lots of hens as well that were being judged.

Elizabeth, Lee and me

Alison and me

Tim and Donna at the chocolate wheel

Andrew and Keelan on the merry-go-round
 The day was fantastic, much better than I imagined it to be and the whole town seemed to have come out.  I hadn't seen so many people together since the Relay for Life in July.  The weather was windy but the rain kept away which is the main thing.

See you all again next year.

Anna's Birthday

Anna was going to be away for her birthday as she, Vince and Lizzy were going to be in New Zealand.  Also Elizabeth and Steve were also going to be New Zealand so I decided that we should have a dinner at our house where everyone bring something to contribute and we would make it a little surprise party for Anna.

Anna cutting her birthday cake

Rob would make his laksa and lamb curry, Anna was to bring her delicious dips and Elizabeth and Melissa were responsible for the birthday cake.  Vince couldn't make the dinner as he was in Australia.  Lizzy and Andrew watched movies in the lounge whilst the adults carried on outside.

The birthday girl

The cake that Steve brought round earlier in the day was magnificent.  It was made by Cafe Mokka and it was huge and absolutely delicious.  We forgot the candles though - but it didn't stop us from singing Happy Birthday at the top of our lungs!

Party pooper Lizzy
Anna got lovely pressies and we enjoyed the whole night.  It is great to get together for drinkies and dinner.

Glass Bottom Boat and Captain Cook Lookout

The second week of school holidays seemed to bring on much better weather than the first week.  Andrew and I decided that we would love to go on the Glass Bottom Boat which is run by John Christian.

John Christian at the helm with Edwin and Andrew

I emailed John to see if he could book us in one day during the last week and I got a phonecall 5 minutes later asking if we could make it down to Emily Bay in 20 minutes.

A view of Kingston that I haven't seen before

I first had to make a quick run to see Gerry at the Pharmacy for travel sick pills and she kindly gave me a drink of water there and then to take the dose.  Went home to collect Andrew then picked up Edwin from his home and down to Emily Bay we went.

Beautiful Kingston

We got on the boat and there were some visitors on the boat as well as us.  The ride around Emily Bay was beautiful.  I had never been in or on Emily Bay (even though I am a water sign).  The water was crystal clear and beautiful.

Looking through the glass bottom to coral in Slaughter Bay

After looking around Emily Bay John steered to boat into Slaughter Bay where the majority of the coral is.  We went round and round looking at different types of coral and fish.  John feeds some of these fish with bread and they actually come out of the water and take the bread from his fingers. John also has some pet names for some of these fish that visit him.

After about an hour we journeyed back to Emily Bay and back to the launch area.  It was such a great boat ride and we loved it.  I then took Edwin and Andrew to lunch at Cafe Expresso as we had all worked up a big appetite!

Andrew and Edwin at Cafe Expresso

Also that week Andrew and I went for a look at Captain Cook Lookout.  It was freezing cold and we didn't stay long - we took the puppies for a walk too.

Andrew at the lookout

Andrew and the girls coming back up the hill
It was far too cold to stay much longer - so we left after about 15 minutes.  Until next time......


Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Visit to Studio 123

On Sunday 3 October, me and Elizabeth with her Rob and friend Julie visited Studio 123 for the first time.  Our friend Gaye Evans is a local artist who has her own studio at 123 Collins Head Road.

My friend and artiste Gaye Evans
After visiting Gaye's studio I absolutely fell in love with her paintings and asked if she would mind if I came back with my camera to take some photos for my blog.  Gaye was more than happy so later that day Andrew and I went back to visit.

Gaye, Andrew and Tom Evans on the verandah of the studio

Frangipanis feature a lot in Gaye's paintings

Here is a blue rose with frangipani

Poinsettias and hybiscus are featured too

The picture with the pink frangipanis is my favourite

Gaye with her beautiful pictures
Also at the studio there is gorgeous jewellry as well as mosaic art

Thank you to Gaye for allowing me to showcase your studio and artwork - it is lovely and you are very talented.  It is a perfect place for visitors to get a "feel" for our beautiful island home.

Blue Light at the Youth Centre

On Saturday, 2 October the Youth Centre was alive with kids of all ages.  It was the first time that the Youth Centre had hosted a Blue Light, and out of the 3 we have had this year, this one I thought was the best one yet.

Thanks to the organisers, headed by the glamourous Alison Christian, the Youth Centre was transformed into party central.  A large marquee was the dance floor which was off the shed, the trampoline was is full use outside in the freezing cold by the way, and the tattoo and nail salon was inside (thank you organisers).

Inside was the nail salon - most attendees got their nails done - little girls, big boys and the mums - the boys loved having a different colour on each nail

The preschoolers and up to Year 2 came from 4.00 to 6.00, then from Year 3 to Year 6, their time was 6.00 to 9.00.  The highschoolers went on their mystery tour at 7.30 and were due back for the disco at 9.00 but they had such fun they didn't come back until 9.30 and their time finished at 11.00.

Anna was selected as one of the supervisors on the Mystery Tour and these are the photos she took.  First of all the kids were taken to the back of the police station where tables were set up for a relay race.  The kids had to pick up an M&M by sucking it up with a straw and placing it in a cup at the other end of a table.

Kids beginning the M&M relay
Andrew doing his bit

The kids had their chips en route!

Then the kids were taken down to Government House where the teams had a Mummy Wrap.  Andrew being the smallest of his green team was chosen as the mummy.  Once the chosen few were wrapped up they had to roll down the hill.  The yellow team won this challenge.

After the Mummy Wrap the kids got back on the buses and on their way back to the Youth Centre one of the buses "broke down" right near the cemetary!!!!  Don't know what really happened as I wasn't there but apparently everyone got out of the bus and went for a walk in the cemetary (as you do at night) and there were older teens already waiting for them.  These people had painted faces and were hiding in the cemetary waiting to jump out at the unsuspecting victims - what fun!  Andrew said his ears were aching from the all the girls screaming - surely not just the girls.

Anyway the buses were half an hour late coming back which gave those of us at the Youth Centre the indication that the Mystery Tour was a big hit - well done to everyone.  The excitement of the kids confirmed it too.

Then the highschoolers had their dance and some of the boys played Battle of the Bands on the Xboxes inside.

At 10.30 I had had enough so I went home and Andrew and Rob came home about an hour later.

It really was a wonderful night for everyone - thanks Alison and the police and all the volunteers (half the town I reckon).