Monday, December 20, 2010

Norfolk Island Christmas Pageant

It was a rainy day on Thursday 16 December the day that was scheduled for the Pageant.  It was decided on the afternoon of the Thursday to delay the pageant to the following day, Friday.

Along Taylor's Road people were starting to arrive just after 6.00 where the kiddies rides were in full swing and people were already lining up outside The Olive for some dinner that was available.

The corner of The Village was the place setting for the kiddie rides
There were some great kiddie rides, the merry-go-round is a favourite as was the jumping crocodile and Andrew told me that later in the evening two stink bombs were let off inside the crocodile!!!

Good old Trent - always entertaining the island - and there's Alison and Adam in the background

Our beautiful island dancers

The beautiful girls who are our island dancers were performing outside the Commonwealth Bank as was a band who provided the music for those girls to dance to.

One of the many bands on this lovely island

The lone piper heralding the beginning of the parade

The pageant started with the haunting sound of a single bagpipe and then the lovely Miss Norfolk entrants were escorted down Taylor's Road in gorgeous sports cars.

One of many entrants to the beauty pageant which raised funds for the hospital


....... and his mates

Red Hatters - Rowena, Shirley and Ann

Rob says these are the horse riding girls

My friends, Rob and Elizabeth and newbies Julie and Jack.
 I found my friends having a drink stop at Tempo Cafe and it is great to catch up with everyone as, believe it or not, you don't see everyone everyday here!

Me and my friend Roberta

A large crowd were gathering for some spectacle.  We had to leave to pick up Tom from the airport
Tom's plane was coming in at 7.20pm so we had to leave the pageant to pick him up - we went to the Bowlo for dinner but it was closed and we walked back to our car and this is where I took the photo below.  We ended up having dinner at Mokka and then we all rejoined in the pageant fun until close down at 9.00pm.

My three boys
Another great night - the Christmas Pageant was the first outing on our arrival here on Norfolk Island last year and we were missing some people from the parade.

Last year we had Vince and Rob in the police truck wearing santa hats, the fire brigade and the VRA were also in last year's parade but this year the fire truck had to be at the airport for the plane to come in and the VRA had organised their Christmas party on the Friday night and couldn't change the date to accommodate the change of date for the pageant but it was a great parade anyway with all the beauty entrants and we still had Santa who threw lollies to the kids which was great.