Sunday, January 30, 2011

Melton and Mount Beauty Holiday


We left Norfolk Island on Friday, 7 January on the Melbourne flight with Thomas on his return to Australia.   Tom went on to a flight straight to Canberra and for us three it was the beginning of a 3 week holiday back home.

We hired a car (luxury standard compared to our Island bomb) and headed off to Melton on the highway between Melbourne and Ballarat where Rob's sisters live.

Our first night which was Friday night we went out for dinner at a local Thai restaurant and it was Jo and Graeme's first Thai meal and they said that they enjoyed it and will return there.

Here we are at the Thai restaurant in Melton

The next night was Saturday night and the whole family turned out for a barbeque at Jo and Graeme's place and it was the first time that we had the opportunity to meet our newest niece, the gorgeous Marianne, who in April last year married Jo and Graeme's eldest child Damian - it was so lovely to catch up.  It had been many years since we had all be together so many photos were taken.

The cousins and partners
Rob and his sisters, Jo and Ellen
Who's taller??? - must be David (on his tippy toes)
Rob and Michael


On the Sunday after a bacon and egg brekkie, we started our long drive to Mount Beauty which is in the Victorian alps.  Our dear friends Brian and Vivienne had recently moved there from Canberra and we had yet to see their new home.

Mt Beauty from the lookout

It took us 5 hours to get there, but we absolutely loved seeing them and having a look at Mount Beauty.   Mt Beauty is a beautiful little village at the base of Victoria's highest peak Mount Bogong.   The village is in the middle of the snow fields with such skiing meccas such as Mt Hotham and Mt Buller within an hour's drive.

Brian and Vivienne in their lovely new home in Mount Beauty
Brian and Vivienne have bought this home five years ago and rented it out to tenants while they were waiting for their retirement.  Since they have moved in they have added a gorgeous deck which is really delightful and Vivienne has a brand new studio in the backyard all to herself decked out with all the mod cons anyone would ever need - lucky girl.
Us beside a beautiful stream outside Mount Beauty

Our first night there we had a beautiful barbeque on their new deck and Brian made Vivienne and me cocktails which were extremely yummy.

Me in the lolly shop at Beechworth
Over the next three days our delightful hosts drove us around the alpine region visiting places that we had never been before.  From memory we drove through Beechworth and Yackandah amongst others.

Having a break in Yackandandah
My favourite town was probably Bright where I could see the street trees would be all ablaze in autumn colour and it really was a particularly pretty village.  We stopped at every town and looked around and always stopped for a yummy lunch at a bakery that was always tried and tested by our lovely hosts!!!
At the Mt Beauty Visitor's Centre with 3D alpine map
We had planned to stay five nights and then drive back to Melbourne airport for our flight to Hobart on the Friday, however, the flood situation in Queensland and Victoria made us short change our holiday by one night so we left on Thursday morning. 

Mt Beauty shops
To ensure that we would not be stopped by road closures due to flooding we went back to Melton for one more night.
Beechworth water park
Us at the water park
We loved our time at Mount Beauty and it was so nice to be with our friends for more than just a meal that we would usually do.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary

With words of wisdom my mother always told me that I would meet my future husband in the most unusual way.  At the time I thought she was not so subtly telling me to leave the bloody nightclubs alone - "you'll never meet nice boys there" she'd tell me.

Anyone who knows me would understand the irony that I met my future husband at an international cricket match.  What the hell was I doing there????

Back on the 23 December 1986 I was at the Prime Minister's 11 match at Manuka Oval as the company I was working for at the time had sponsored a tent for the event.  All the sales staff (ie boys) got to spend all day at the cricket.  The office staff (ie girls) got to leave work early in the afternoon ONLY if they went to the cricket.

Well, to make a long story short my future husband Rob was in that sponsored tent talking to one of the sales staff he knew when I arrived.  He happened to be asked to work overtime that day policing the awful rowdy crowds at the cricket and so all the stars aligned and we met.

Four years and two weeks later we married on the 5th of January 1991 at Hill Station outside Canberra which at the time was a lovely homestead with 5 acres of gorgeous gardens in the middle of nowhere.  Now I believe there are porn shops on either side of the former grand residence.

On 23 November 1992 Thomas was born and on 15 October 1997 Andrew was born and our family was complete.

These photos were taken whilst Tom was visiting us over the Christmas period.   We went all over Norfolk Island and had a great time and some wonderful photos were taken over a period of an hour and a half.  What better 20th Anniversary present could we have?   Thanks Cristina!