Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Mum's 80th Birthday Celebrations

My mother was born on 20 January 1931 in Coolangatta in Queensland so this year was  her 80th birthday and, of course, her family wanted to celebrate this occasion with her.

Mum and me at The Sandy Restaurant

We, the Munro family, arrived in Melbourne from Hobart on Friday, 21 January and we booked into the Sandringham Hotel, "The Sandy".  We went around to Mum's new home at The George Retirement Home and stayed for about 3 hours just catching up.

Amanda and Rob

We ended up at "The Sandy" for dinner as my sister Amanda and her son Nathan were driving from Canberra that day and would meet us there for dinner.  My other sister Debbie met us there and we had a great dinner all together.

Nathan, Debbie and Andrew

The next day, Saturday 22 January Rob, Andrew and I went to Mum's to wish her Happy Birthday.  We gave her our gift which was a multi photo frame we bought in Hobart with some of the black and white family portraits which were taken for our 20th wedding anniversary.

Debbie had organised a lunch at a luxurious hotel which was called "The "Langham" and the restaurant there is called "Melba's".  We took Mum in our hire car and found our way to the city and tried to find the carpark which Debbie told us about which was supposed to be close to the hotel.

The hotel is situated in the city on the river with gorgeous views to the city.  The only family members missing was our Thomas, who couldn't get time off work, Melanie our niece who also couldn't make it because of work commitments and David who is Debbie's husband who was not well. 

In the photo above is Mum, Rob, Samantha, Barbara, Debbie, Nathan, Sebastian, Andrew, Jim, Aidan, Fallon, Felicity, Amanda and me

The restaurant is famous for its international buffet and the food was abundant and delicious.  I won't bore you with what we ate, but we were all very satisfied with our food choices.   Instead of a birthday cake Mum received a selection of desserts just for her with a candle and we all sang "Happy Birthday" and some of the other restaurant patrons joined in.  There were a few other "Happy Birthday" songs sung in the restaurant that day!

Mum and her dessert selections complete with candles

Mum with her girls, and Aidan

 We stayed at Melba's until 3.30 then we all made our way to Debbie and David's home for further celebrations and birthday cake.  Samantha and Barbara had made Mum's cake which was decorated like a big yellow present with huge white bow holding it all together and they did a fantastic job.

Mum with her birthday flowers and cake

Mum with her grandchildren
Back at Debbie and David's home we had cake and coffee and we had a lovely catch up with everyone which was alot easier there than at the restaurant. 

Us outside "The George"

While we were in Melbourne we took Mum shopping at Southlands practically everyday which we loved.  One day we went shopping at a different centre called Chadstone which was huge.  Mum didn't come with us as she needed to have a day of rest.  Andrew and Rob went to see a boy movie and I went to see "The Black Swan".  We did quite a bit of clothes shopping too.

Andrew and his Grandma

We were leaving Australia on Friday 28 April and we left Sandringham and Mum on the 26th and made our way back to Melton for a couple of days before we came back to Norfolk Island.

I really wanted to eat at this particular Mexican restaurant in Melton that I remembered going there with Rob's Mum and sisters before Tom was born, so about 19 years ago.  It is called Taco Bills and we all met there for our last dinner together before we flew home.

Kate, Graham, Jo, Ellen, Michael, Me, Andrew, Rob, David and Christina
We had a fantastic 3 week holiday back in Australia and that will do us holiday wise for quite a while.  It was great to catch up with our families in Melbourne and, of course, see Hobart for the first time which was spectacular.  Our flight home was uninteresting which is perfect for a flight of course.

When we got home I found my shoes had gone mouldy as had some of my clothes which is disgusting but that all comes with the territory I guess of living in the sub tropics as opposed to dry Canberra.  It was lovely to have the girls back home too.  Andrew went back to school the following Monday, but Rob went back to work straight away on night shift - no rest for the wicked!!!