Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things I Do to Keep Myself Amused

This post is a mixure of bits and pieces of photos that I have collected over the last two months.  It gives you, dear reader of my blog, an idea of people I see and things that I do on a semi regular basis.


This photo is of Vicky and me on Vicky's deck.  Rob and I had been to Vicky and Michael's house for dinner and bridge but this was the first time we had been during daylight hours and I had yet to see her beautiful view.

They live on Hibiscus Drive off Stockyard Road and they have the most beautiful spot with gorgeous sea views.  I know I carry on about sea views but because I don't have one myself (sob) I love going to houses and seeing their part of the island and their particular view.

Both Vicky and Michael are excellent bridge players and they have been kind enough to offer to teach Rob how to play.  I am an old hand at bridge now as I have been a regular Thursday morning bridge girl for over a year now!  I remember playing at Annie Walker's house once on a Sunday afternoon and it was the first time I had played bridge against Vicky and Annie and I were partners.

Needless to say Vicky and her partner beat us hands down and I swore then and there that I would never be Vicky's opponent again and that is the reason that she is always my partner and our husbands are our opponents - by the way I still lose - poor Vicky, she's far too polite to tell me she'd rather another partner!!!


One afternoon my dear friend Elizabeth rang and asked if Rob and I would like to join herself and her Rob and two Tasmanian friends who were visiting to a Progressive Dinner on a Thursday night.  Unfortunately, my Rob was unable to join us as he had to work that night but it didn't stop me from joining in.

Our first stop was a Sublime at Mokutu for entree.  This restaurant is owned by Shari and her husband and Shari is also the chef there.  We five were shown to our table (shown above) and around the room is all this beautiful artwork.   I found one particular artwork behind Rob leaning against the wall (you can see a bit of it on the left hand side of the photo).

I asked Shari about the painting and she said that she had painted it and explained to me what was in it as it was quite dark in the restaurant.  Anyway, short story is I bought it and Rob and I picked it up the next day and it is now proudly hung on our loungeroom wall.

Our next stop was at a lovely home in Mill Road where we opened our wine and ate fish pie and veg which was delicious.  Then we went to a home in Ferny Lane for dessert.  The home belonged to Rachel who is a caterer here on Norfolk Island. 


This photo has Julie, Anna and Fenella at the front and Karen and me behind.  Fenella regularly has these "do's" at her home and it was my first time that I could actually make it there.  Everyone bought something to munch on and something to drink.

Most of us arrived at 5.00 and during the night other ladies came and went and we were all pleased at the new food that they brought as we were still ready to nibble and eat.

We all chatted outside on her verandah and Julie and I were the last to leave at 8.15.  What a great night we had.


I am a regular Garden Club attendee and the last time the Garden Club met we had two lovely gardens to visit.  The first one was on Driver Christian Road and we all parked at the accommodation next door and walked over to the garden.

The garden was extremely large and immaculate.  This photo was taken from their deck - yet another lovely view and this one includes Napean and Phillips Islands.

The next garden was the "before" garden of my friends Elizabeth and Rob who bought their new property in October.  They live on Middlegate Road and this is where the club had their "group shot" and our afternoon tea which we have every meeting.

Elizabeth took the group right around her property showing us what they planned to do to it.  They have a new chook run amongst other things.  We all had a lovely cuppa and lots of food.  It was a great day.


The Red Hatters get together on a regular basis too.  We had all gotten together at Heather's place on Cutter's Corn.  Heather is on the left hand side of the photo.  She had made a lovely lasagne and someone else had brought mac and cheese.  The rest of us bought nibbles and drink.

The photos shows Pat, Heather,  Rowena, Keydon, Kaye, Colleen, Stephanie and Anne and I, of course, am taking the photo.

It was decided by someone that we were all old enough to have dessert first then the main course so they all had their icecream cones as their first course (as you do).


On Friday morning 3 June 2011 at 12.45 AM the plane from Sydney FINALLY arrives.  There was an unfortunate 4 hour delay in Newcastle.

Tom is staying for a week and will be going to Melbourne next Friday to visit his Grandma for the weekend then back to Canberra on Sunday ready for school on the Tuesday as Monday is the Queen's Birthday holiday.

Anyway, that is part of my life here on Norfolk Island.  I love my life here.  Everyone is so socially motivated and are so keen to get together and do things and I love joining in.  I have such a short time left here and I want to get as much out of this beautiful island before I leave.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

When the Royal Wedding Came to Norfolk Island

As with the rest of the world, Norfolk Islanders (or just those who cared to) all sat around the telly on Friday night of the 29th April 2011.

Me the lovely bridesmaid, Anna the groom and Vicky the bride!!!
I thought that an effort should be made on such an occasion so I invited some girls around to enjoy the spectacle with me.

After school I rounded up my two willing? helpers Andrew and Edwin to help decorate my loungeroom to "set the mood".

Jenny and Mel having fun with the newly weds

Due to the time on Norfolk Island the start of the television programming started at 7.30 and "the balcony kiss" was due at 11.30 - could we stay up that late?

Anna, Jenny, Mel, Vicky and locum counsellor Karen came over with food and drinks and Cristina dropped in later on.

Karen and me with the wedding bouquet in London

We all drank and ate to our hearts content - looked out for celebrity wedding goers - saw the Beckhams, Julia our PM, Ian Thorpe amongst others.  And yes, we all laughed at the York Princesses.

We all thought it was cute when a footman opened the car door for the Queen to exit and she dropped her nana blanket on the car floor then promptly exited the car by the other door!

Cristina and little Jasper in his tuxedo (how cute) and Karen

The bride looked lovely, but "safe" and the groom looked like a princely groom should look like, although he was a bit hunched over for my liking and I felt like telling him to stand up straight.

We all managed to stay awake until the very end whereby we all agreed that it was good that the girls all got together without the boys there to bitch and moan.