Saturday, July 16, 2011

My 49th Birthday

My birthday guests at Norfolk Blue

Late in June my good friend Anna and I started discussing my up and coming birthday and what type of party I would like and I told her - "a surprise party".  We laughed.  But she did organise my party for me.  We went to Norfolk Blue Restaurant for dinner on Saturday, 2nd of July and there were 6 of us and 2 guests came for coffee and cake afterwards.

The delicious birthday cake
 Both Anna and Mel went to the restaurant earlier and decorated the table with pink steamers, purple and pink balloons and all sorts of table decorations - it looked so pretty.

At the end of the night - we all posed

We had a great night and a lovely cake was made by the chef and they all sang "Happy Birthday" as I blew out 4 candles.  Thank you Anna and Mel for a wonderful night.

Us hamming it up for the camera
 On my actual birthday on Wednesday 6th July, our Wednesday lunch group came to my house for lunch.  I put out my usual cheese and antipasto platters, lots of wine and juice and I made my "famous" Donna Hay Bacon and Lentil soup (with extra stuff from me) and crusty bread.  They said that loved the soup and Mel even asked for the recipe.   I decorated the table with the same decorations used at Norfolk Blue and we all wore brooches made out of gold gift decorations.  We had a great lunch.
Our friend Vicki came over on Thursday afternoon and bought my favourite alcoholic beverage - Omni - yum.  We drank the whole bottle between us in 30 minutes whilst we had a laugh together and a great catch up.

Vicky and me having a laugh

My last birthday celebration was the family dinner.  I was so full after lunch that Rob suggested we go out for dinner the next night which I gratefully accepted.

Dressed to go to Hillies
 My choice of restaurant for us to go to was Hillies and the three of us had dinner there on Thursday 7th of July.  Rob and I had lamb and I remember that Andrew had pork with chorizo as he recognised the chorizo as something he likes as I have been including it in my winter casseroles and he likes the taste of them.

Andrew and me at Hillies
Andrew had room for dessert but Rob and I were absolutely full.  Kim the owner was having dinner there as well and she came over for a long chat as we hadn't seen her for such a long time.

The dinner was so nice and we loved it.