Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 3rd and Last Christmas and New Years on Norfolk Island

This is the Christmas Tree I made in desperation because all my Christmas stuff was on its way to Australia
Christmas on Norfolk Island normally starts the first week of December - we do not start in September like the mainland.  Santa doesn't appear in every shop and we are not deafened by Christmas Carols for 3 months.  We have a string of Christmas Lights on one side of the main street (I don't know why the other side isn't included) and every shop decorates its windows in feastive symbols.

The Christmas Pageant

The fantastic Christmas Pageant was the best this year and the parade was the best so far.  The Beauty Pageant raised nearly $12,000 for the new hospital which is so desperately needed so that was a fantastic effort.

The beginning of the parade
Susan and Susan helping out The Olive with their fishfry

Pam and Jan with their homemade goodies

Annie and her daughter Lyn

Rob in the parade

Victoria Rose in the Beauty Pageant

Joy in the fire truck

Brenda and Michael

Kim and Justine

Corrine and Linda

This pageant had lots of things to see and do and it was great to see people that you don't see everyday.

Christmas Party Time

The parties started early in December - here are some photos of them.

VRA at Hillcrest on 3 Dec

 Volunteer Rescue

The VRA Christmas Party was a BBQ banquet beside the pool.  The food was fantastic but because of the rain we ended up on the verandah for shelter.

Garden Club
Garden Club at Jo's place on 4 Dec

Jan and me at the Garden Club Xmas Party
Garden Club
The Garden Club Party was a Joanne Adam's house on Two Chimney's Road and she had set up tables on either side of her front door and it was such a great set up.  There was tables for all the food which was a potluck where you either brought a salad or dessert.  There was so much food and drink.  

Fenella and Lynne our Club L Organisers

Club L setup
 Club L

Club L Christmas Party was also at the Hillcrest and we had a secret santa as well.  Some of the local girls came and sang Christmas Carols and it was wonderful that they knew all the words this year - ha

Lynne and me having fun

A beautiful sunset
The night finished on a high with everyone opening their Secret Santa gifts - I got a wooden bowl with candles, tea and some other bits and pieces.

Bridge Club
My bridging buddies

My last party was our Bridge Party at Cherisse's place at Shearwater.  The party was held after a marathon of bridge playing - almost 4 hours worth - we were all hanging out for our lunch which we didn't get to until 1.30.  Everyone contributed in some way to the food and we had a wonderful party.

Christmas Eve Party

Rob had the whole time off over Christmas so we decided to make the most of it and invite some people around to enjoy Christmas dinner over at our place.

We invited Melissa and Glenn and Jane and Allan who brought over their grandchildren too.

We exchanged pressies and we had a wonderful night of frivolty.

Christmas Day

 After waking up around 10.00 Rob and Andrew and myself started to open our pressies - we all knew most of what we were getting for Christmas but we all got secret gifts too.  My secret gift was the most gorgeous diamond earrings - can't get better than that right? 
 After a light breakfast we all go ready to meet Elizabeth at Governor's Lodge for Christmas Lunch.  The banquet at Governor's was absolutely fantastic.
  Lots of oysters in all its forms ie natural, mornay, kilpatrick = loads of prawns and heaps of salads, vegies and roast meats.  Then, of course, the desserts. 
 Santa was there and we had photos taken with him.  He almost looked familiar!

New Years Eve

Elizabeth, Rob, Rob and me

Cristina and me

Having the BEST time
As Rob had New Years Eve off that we really should go out so we organised to go to the dinner and show at Paradise with Elizabeth and Rob.
Brandt before he became Tom Jones

Island Girl
We were booked in quickly as tickets were sellling out fast.  Again the food was fantastic and the entertainment was great.  We had Tom Jones over all the way from London but he looked very much like our local lad Brandt McRitchie.  He had us all up and dancing the night away.


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