Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Last Days on Norfolk Island and My Return Home

My Princess Party

Pauline, Fenella, Liz, Me, Annie and Ro
 I really wanted to have a party to say goodbye to my dear Norfolk Island friends.  I decided to have the party at Rumours just in case it rained.  I was originally going to have it at my friends house on Quality Row but she left the island before me!

Barbara, Barbara, Jan, Me and Annie

Coral and Vicki

Sheila, Me, Fenella and Julie
 We all met on Saturday, 21 January 2012 and dear Cristina made good on her promise to bring one of her rainbow cakes for my farewell, a promise that was given way back at the Easter Carnival when I missed out by seconds on buying her first attempt at one.

Cristina with her rainbow cake

Lynne, Me and Rosalie
Princesses came and went over a 4 hour period and it was great that each princess wore a tiara and some even brought fairy wands.  I wore my $40.00 ebay special which was particularly revealing.

The beautiful rainbow cake
It was a lovely afternoon - thank you dear friends.

My Bridge Farewell

My last Bridge morning was on Thursday, 18 January at Annie Foote's place as usual.  We had a pretty full house of three tables which is wonderful.  These friends at Bridge were the friends I saw the most and they are the loveliest of people.  I am so happy to have met them and hope that we still keep in touch - especially those who have Canberra connections. 

We had a lovely morning tea which we always had but I was given two gorgeous bunches of flowers and two beautiful cards, a personal one from my Bridge partner Annie and one group card.

Barbara, Sally, Annie, Liz, David, Pauline, Brian, Robert, Jim Anne and
Jeanette is hiding somewhere

My beautiful flowers and cards

Although I bitched and moaned about the early 9.00 start time, I loved my Bridge and never failed to turn up unless I was off island - even at my worst (ie absess on tooth etc) I would never let my friends down.  Annie Walker and I were always partners and we probably won 50 percent of our games and our opposition was always Annie Foote and Barbara.  I loved these ladies.

My Goodbyes to My Darling Little Girls

My girls keeping an eye on the street
Well, the big day arrived and I was excited to go back home.  I knew that I wouldn't be seeing my girls for a very long time and it was hard to say goodbye - I'm glad that they didn't know what was happening to them.  They were losing all of us for four weeks before Rob would be back with them again.  They were extremely stressed and when Rob got back in February they had to go to see Candice to get sorted.

Suzie and Nellie on the morning of departure

Their favourite spot
Our plane was delayed for a while and the trip to Melbourne was long and boring but I was chatting to Pauline who was also on our flight.  We had organised to meeting with Rob's sister and neice at the airport so it was great to catch up with Jo and Stacey.  We headed straight to Hungry Jacks and had some of their food which really wasn't nice (have I changed my eating habits perhaps).  Anway, we arrived back in Canberra on the Friday of a long weekend and were met at the airport by my friend Diana and Thomas.

Jo and Stacey with us at Melbourne airport
We drove straight to our home in Torrens to check it out and all was well and good then we went to our apartment in Kingston where the AFP had put us up for a week until we got sorted at Torrens.  Our Canberra storage arrived on the Monday and the next day the Norfolk items arrived.  We had lots of helpers (thanks to Fiona and twins) and it didn't take us long to get back into the house.

Reunited with our Tom

I started back at my old place of work on a temporary basis in early March and Andrew's back at his old school, Tom is going to CIT at Bruce and Rob is back on the island.

Sometimes I feel that Norfolk never really happened and so I am glad to have created this blog for me to remember those special years of my life.

I have to say that I really did lead a charmed life on Norfolk Island and as Rob said, I really did get the better end of the deal.

Thanks Norfolk Island for everything.  I loved the island, the people, the shops, everything.




  1. My darling Penny :), thank you for joining us on Norfolk Island, and for letting us keep your wonderful husband for one year longer!
    Have been waiting in anticipation for this blog to be updated with your progress back home in Canberra and can't wait for the next installment (so hoping that you don't stop now). Miss seeing your beautiful smiling face through town, and hope to see you here on holiday soon!!

    Luv ya

  2. Great blog!!
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    Pablo from Argentina